Fraternal Greetings to our Comrades in the Nigerian Union of Teachers. We humbly salute the courage and steadfastness you have clearly demonstrated before and during this just and necessary industrial action that you have embarked upon to force the regime of Umaru Musa Yar adua to approve the Teachers Salary Scale for Nigerian teachers in Nigeria.


We recognized this struggle as a compulsory starting point for a struggle to savage Nigerian educational system. This struggle can only be a success, if it is recognized as a part of a whole struggle to rescue Nigerian Educational Systems from profit mongering and visionless private individuals. Subjecting our educational systems to the whims and caprices of private hands is equivalent to ruining the future of our children, because the essence should be more than profit making.


The position of Nigerian ruling class is very clear; to humiliate, impoverish and completely demoralize public teachers, so as to completely annihilate public schools and ensure unfettered rein of private schools. This is being carried out, not only in primary schools and secondary schools but also in all categories of our educational systems.


We join you in your struggle to win a better condition of service for all teachers and Nigerian workers of all shades and shapes. However to save education in Nigeria, this struggle must be jointly carried out by Academic Staff Union of Colleges of Education, Academic Staff Union of Polytechnic, and Academic Staff Union of University , Nigerian Labour Congress and Trade Union Congress. It must be extended to include better funding of Educational Systems. And as a necessity, it must be waged as a struggle for free and compulsory education at all levels.


Long Lived Nigerian Union of Teachers

Long Lived Nigerian Labour Congress

Forward to a Socialist Nigeria

Campaign for Workers Alternative