In the final analysis, terrorists are instrument of the oppressors against the oppressed majority. Nigerian ruling elites have been over the years maintaining its rule in Nigeria on the basis of divide and rule, a method inherited from colonial masters and perfected by Nigerian ruling elites. Ruling elites are scared of unity of Nigerians because, they correctly understand that with unity of Nigerians ending their corrupt rule will just be a matter of time. Ruling elites are united at the top, but they ensure that Nigerians are sharply divided across both religions and tribes below.

Boko Haram’s action is more and more divisive. With its action, it has emboldened this regime to allocate N921 billion for security vote, obviously not for the purpose of fighting terrorism but to fight Nigerian masses who are presently on the move. Every of their action directly coincides with the interest of Nigerian ruling elites. Masses have correctly understood that their liberation and freedom lie in their unity across religion and tribal divides, but this drive always get challenged by the action of these fundamentalists and various charlatans.