Obviously, there was an earlier agreement between a dominant section of Nigeria ruling class, Nigeria media and the Imperialists, that no matter what the actual outcome of this election is, it must be adjudged the fairest and freest election in the history of Nigeria. This agreement was strictly adhered to by all the parties concerned. Public opinion is moulded along this line, even where malpractices were very obvious, the media and International communities just looked the other way.

The report delivered by the leader of commonwealth election monitoring group after the presidential election gave us a very clear evidence of the extent of this conspiracy. He reported that none of them was allowed to enter into collation rooms of INEC in South East and South-South, but according to him “generally speaking everything was very fine”. Similar reports emerged from other international observers. According to Project 2011 Swift Count, another independent observer, which because of the diversity of its constituent parts(NBA, JDPC,FOMWAN, TMG etc), found it a little bit difficult hiding too much of the truth, disclosed in its report after the presidential election thus: “We are, however, extremely concerned about accredited observers being denied access to polling units. In several states, we were harassed and in some cases detained by security forces”, they disclosed. A human right activist in Kaduna and several eye witness accounts reported that Kaduna witnessed the biggest electoral fraud in its history on 16th of April presidential election. Namadi Sambo, the vice president, desperately wanted to proof that he has Kaduna State firmly in his hand, so as to strengthen his position in presidency, to achieve this; unbelievable extent of electoral fraud was perpetrated and its attendant induced-crisis is highly regrettable.

Why the Conspiracy?

For 50 years, Nigerian ruling class has almost completely ruined Nigeria state. If Egyptians revolted while rate of poverty was 19%, how much more is revolution imminent in Nigeria where poverty rate is 70% of her population? Manufacturing sector has completely collapsed and corruption skyrocketing, reaching the highest in the world in 2004. Though, Nigeria has her economy growing at 8.24% in first quarter of 2011, yet, it is ranked among low-income countries. Gini Co-efficient of .56 is one of the highest in the world; this is the direct outcome of billions of dollars raked in as a result of high oil prices. Instead of this wealth going to productive activity, it ends up in building mansions in UK, US and every part of the globe. Objective condition for revolution in Nigeria is over-ripened and this is a source of serious worry for the imperialist and Nigerian ruling class. To further delay this revolution, illusion in “democracy” must be promoted. It must be deceptively presented as if masses can express their anger through ballot box. Nigerian ruling class and their Imperialist master would have loved this election to be truly free and obviously fair, but it is one thing to wish and another thing to be capable of executing your wish. Incapable of engaging in any productive endeavour, Nigerian ruling class rely on massive corruption for its survival. Political power is a licence to wealth and better life. They kill, maim and ready to go to any extent to get power. Neither factory he owns, nor warehouse he maintains, he lives as a parasite on the collective wealth of all Nigerians. This makes it extremely difficult for Nigerian ruling class to just simply play politics as a mere game of mass deception; to Nigerian ruling class, it is a game of life and death. “Probably”, for now this deception is working and strongly backed up by media propaganda; how long this will last is a completely different issue entirely.

What happens next?

Continuous improvisation of Nigerian masses will certainly not going to cease after this election, because the policy of incoming regime is not going to be different from the previous.   This will inevitably place before Nigerian working class two options; either to continue absorbing this unending attack on their means of existence or to find solution on revolutionary road, by taking their destiny in their own hands. Certainly, Nigerian working class will go for an option that is typical of its counterpart all over the world; that is the path of revolution. We are fast approaching a period of revolution when all organizational apparatus of working class will be renewed and revitalized.